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Get all 3 of my eBooks and save money!


Get ALL THREE of my vegan eBooks to get you started on the right track into becoming a Cheap Lazy Vegan!

Want to become the ULTIMATE Cheap Lazy Vegan? Join the Cheap Lazy Gang by getting The Ultimate Bundle! This Bundle is the best deal for ALL THREE of my vegan eBooks.

Not only will you be getting a TON of tips on this vegan lifestyle, including going & staying vegan, navigating social situations and saving money, but you'll be getting some of my absolute FAVOURITE recipes to make and love.


In this bundle, you'll receive digital PDF copies of ALL THREE of my eBooks:

  • Cheap Lazy Vegan: The Recipes eBook (Volume 1) 
    • My first recipes eBook consisting of beginner friendly & budget friendly go-to meals
  • Everyday Asian Recipes eBook (Volume 2)
    • Collection of some of my favourite Asian-inspired plant-based dishes!
  • How to Go Vegan Guide: Beginner's Guide to Going Vegan (Volume 3)
    • Brand new guide to going & STAYING vegan!

This BUNDLE is for anyone that...

  • is interested in getting tons of easy vegan recipes, as well as tips and tricks to navigating a vegan lifestyle.
  • is interested in going vegan and learning more!
  • wants to SAVE MONEY by getting all 3 eBooks in one bundle!
  • wants the BEST DEAL for all my eBooks
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Cheap Lazy Vegan: The Recipes eBook (Volume 1)

My first ever recipes eBook featuring beginner-friendly, easy and affordable vegan recipes

  • Over 50 recipes to get you started on this lifestyle
  • From breakfast to snacks to mains and even sauces -- everything you need to get your meals covered all throughout your day!
  • Perfect for anyone who wants to learn delicious vegan meals that are quick and simple!
  • Includes bonus tips essential to anyone who's new to this lifestyle.

Everyday Asian Recipes eBook (Volume 2)

A collection of some of my favourite vegan recipes, all inspired by East Asian cuisine. Make Asian food at home - every day! 

  • Over 150 pages of beautiful photos and recipes
  • Over 60 plant-based, Asian-inspired recipes!
  • Each recipe contains photos so you can see what the final product looks like before making.
  • All recipes can be prepared in 30 minutes or less using simple ingredients and easy-to-follow instructions.

How to Go Vegan Guide eBook (Volume 3)

My Essential Tips & Tricks for Going Vegan in 2020

  • Over 80 pages of valuable content, covering topics such as my tips on how to transition to a vegan lifestyle, how to stay vegan and navigate social situations.
  • 12 easy vegan recipes that are perfect for beginners.
  • A list of grocery essentials that every beginner vegan needs.
  • Tips to help you save money as a vegan (debunking the myth that vegan food is expensive).

Some of the 100+ recipes included...

Beginner friendly, budget friendly, easy to follow...


Easy Raspberry Scones

Only 4 ingredients to make these DELICIOUS scones!

mini sushi pizza-2

Mini Sushi Pizza

Make your own restaurant-worthy sushi pizza using 100% plant-based ingredients.

black bean brownies-2

Black Bean Brownies

High protein vegan brownies that are not only healthy but still yummy.

korean street toast-2

Vegan Korean Street Toast

This is a very famous type of street food in Korea. Traditionally it's not vegan, but we do things differently here...!

kung pao cauliflower-2

Kung Pao Cauliflower

I could seriously eat this everyday...


Vegan Egg Salad

Absolute must try recipe! This is one of my favourite ways to make vegan egg salad.


Vegan Omurice

Vegan Omelette Rice - one of my favourite childhood dishes veganized!

korean sweet and sour tofu-2

Korean Sweet & Sour Tofu

Completely plant-based version of a favourite Korean/Chinese dish - this sauce will have you addicted!

teriyaki lentil meatballs-2

Teriyaki Lentil Balls

Make your own delicious vegan lentil balls and toss in the best homemade teriyaki sauce.

Tips on Going & Staying Vegan

How to save money, find your why, deal with social situations


Tips on Saving Money

If there's one myth about veganism that I'd like to bust, it really is that veganism is very expensive. Get my top tips on saving money on a vegan lifestyle!


Why Go Vegan?

There are many reasons why someone would want to consider a vegan lifestyle. I believe all are valid in their own way; read my thoughts on what I think of them.


Fitting Into Society

Some of the most common questions I get are related to social situations. How to deal with friends that tease you? Do I tell my family? I answer a bunch of these commonly asked questions.

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