One Hour FULL WEEK Vegan Meal Prep CHALLENGE! (Video)

Watch my “One Hour Full Week Vegan Meal Prep Challenge” video above! 

Do you think I was able to do it?!

We’ve seen the “one hour meal prep” videos but I’ve never actually TIMED and CHALLENGED myself to do this. So I decided to put myself to the test. Will I be able to make 7 DAYS worth of vegan meals in just one hour?!

This is the finished meal prep. Obviously I made all the food but did I do it in one hour is the question? Watch the video above to see what I made and whether or not I succeeded!

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1 thought on “One Hour FULL WEEK Vegan Meal Prep CHALLENGE! (Video)”

  1. I am an old gramma vegetarian and I love your videos. They crack me up and make me happy. I am a devoted subscriber. Plus I love your recipes so I bought your ebook which is great. Thank you! I wish you continued success.

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