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Vegan Breakfast

September 9 2017

Easy Vegan Waffles (Weekend Breakfast Idea!)

It’s been a long time since I’ve had homemade waffles… and I believe this was my first time actually making VEGAN waffles myself. I’ve had very few waffles as a vegan and I don’t know why I never really thought about making my own. It’s actually ridiculously easy and if you don’t have a waffle …

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September 6 2017

Cheap Easy Vegan Meal Prep for Back to School! (September 2017)

It’s now September (where did the summer go?!) and this means that many of you might be going back to school… Or if you’re not in school, you may be coming out of the summer daze… I feel like I’m much less productive in the summer because I’m out socializing, travelling or doing other stuff …

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June 24 2017

$20 Vegan Meal Prep (7 full days!)

Last time I did the $20 meal prep challenge, I made five days worth of food for $20 Canadian. So many people were amazed at how much food you could actually make with only $20. I’ve been requested so many times to do another $20 meal prep challenge, so HERE I AM! This time, there …

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May 27 2017

DIY Acai Bowl (Vegan Breakfast Idea)

Make yourself some amazingly delicious and healthy acai bowls at home for much cheaper than you would pay outside. It’s surprisingly simple and you just have to have a few key ingredients to complete your insta-worthy bowl 🙂 This acai bowl was featured in my light, summer recipes video, so check that out down below! …

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May 17 2017

Vegan Breakfast + Brunch Ideas (Weekend)

Even though we are lazy, we sometimes like to get a little (not a lot) fancy. Sometimes, we might have a little more time in our hands and after we sleep in on the weekend, maybe we want to make something a little more special. After all, the standard banana, spinach and berry smoothie might …

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