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November 30 2016

Vegan Korean/Japanese Curry Recipe (So Easy)

When I was young, my mom would always make us Korean style curry with rice and every time that would be on the menu, I would be super excited. Because that shit is delicious. Korean curry is probably one of the easiest types of curry to make, because you just have to add in some …

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November 26 2016

Easy No-Heat Lunch Ideas

Due to a number of requests, I decided to do a video showing some no-heat cold vegan lunch ideas that are simple, easy and delicious! I made three different lunches that you could take with you and you do NOT have to heat them up. Perfect for anyone that’s always on the go, anyone that …

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November 19 2016

Easy Vegan Meal Prep in One Hour

One of the best reasons to meal prep is to save time throughout the week and not have to prepare meals when you are busy working or studying. Some people, though, may feel that they don’t have time to prep meals but today, I’m going to show you guys some recipes that are super easy to …

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November 12 2016

Vegan at Tim Hortons!

  As a Canadian, I am a big fan of Timmy’s. It is a very affordable and highly popular coffee shop chain all over Canada (I believe they have some shops in the US as well, and I even saw Tim Hortons coffee being served somewhere in Ireland! Crazy…). Timmy’s is very popular for their cheap …

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November 2 2016

10 Cheap Beauty Hacks with Coconut Oil

When people ask me what my favourite beauty product is, the answer is probably coconut oil. I seriously use coconut oil so much as a beauty product (and rarely when I cook…). It’s more likely to be found in my bathroom rather than my kitchen! Coconut oil is such a versatile product and you can …

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October 26 2016

Easy Vegan Recipes For Lazy People

You know those days when you get home from work or school and all you want to do is sit in front of the couch and catch up on the latest episode of Narcos? (Okay, I might be a little late on the Narcos reference, but I just finished watching it and I’m kind of obsessed….) …

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October 22 2016

Easy Fall Inspired Smoothies

Even though it’s getting colder, there’s no reason we can’t enjoy some delicious smoothies in the fall! These fall-inspired vegan smoothies are easy to make, filling and satisfying. I have three different recipes to share with you guys. Video here: Pumpkin Pie Smoothie  Of course, you can’t do a “fall-inspired” post without adding something to …

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October 19 2016

7 Day Vegan Challenge Meal Plan

I’ve been seeing this “7 Day Vegan Challenge” thing going around on YouTube… to be honest, I have my own personal thoughts on these whole “vegan challenges” – especially the ones where people make videos about them. I don’t have a problem with people trying out a vegan challenge – I actually think it’s a great …

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October 15 2016

Easy Vegan Banana Bread with Chocolate Hazelnut

Banana bread is amazing. What’s more amazing is chocolate hazelnut banana bread. What’s more amazing than that is VEGAN chocolate hazelnut banana bread that is HEALTHY. Yup, it’s really not difficult to make banana bread a little more healthy. For this recipe, I used the Chocolate Hazelnut Spread from Naturally More – which is a …

Easy Vegan Banana Bread with Chocolate Hazelnut Read More »

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