How To Make Vegan Pierogies

July 27 2022

Vegan Pierogies | How To Make Vegan Pierogies

Vegan pierogies recipes for you to try! From cheesy vegan pierogies to vegan mushroom pierogies, I’ll show you how to make vegan pierogies with filling options! These vegan pierogi recipes are quick, easy, tasty and can have customized fillings the way you want! Prep time is around 15 mins to make vegan pierogi dough using …

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vegan thai fried rice recipe

July 14 2022

Vegan Thai Fried Rice Recipe

Easy vegan Thai fried rice recipe in 10 mins! Fish-free sauce and rice is stir fried with tofu (instead of egg), vegetables, Thai chilis and seasoning! This vegan fried rice recipe is flavourful, slightly tangy, savoury yet slightly sweet and truly reminds me of all the amazing Thai flavours. There is a bit of heat, …

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vegan spinach pasta

July 13 2022

Vegan Spinach Pasta Recipe

This creamy vegan spinach pasta recipe has a creamy spinach sauce that takes only 12 mins to cook! It’s a quick & tasty vegan dinner idea! The vegan spinach pasta sauce is creamy, savoury, and delicious. Trust me, you’ll want to make this weekly it’s so good! Recipe for Vegan Spinach Pasta I made this …

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mushrooms burrito

July 13 2022

Mushroom Burrito Recipe

This mushroom burrito is a super quick 8-10 mins recipe and makes 4-5 burritos! They’re tasty, filling, vegan/vegetarian and high in protein! Mushroom burritos are perfect for breakfast, lunch or even meal prep! It’s also budget-friendly, meal prep friendly and even freezer friendly! Easy to make and easy to whip out whenever you’re craving a …

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Vegan Grinder Sandwich Recipe

July 9 2022

Vegan Grinder Sandwich Recipe

The Grinder salad sandwich went viral on TikTok, and so obviously, I had to make a vegan grinder sandwich recipe for you all! What is a grinder sandwich? It’s basically a thick hard crusty bread roll, filled with your favourite protein and cheese and a creamy iceberg salad (the grinder salad). This recipe for a …

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Vegan Jennifer Aniston Salad

July 9 2022

Vegan Jennifer Aniston Salad Recipe

The “Jennifer Aniston salad” recipes have been going around the internet and so I had to make a vegan Jennifer Aniston salad recipe version of what is said to be the salad she had on the set of friends (allegedly)! I’m naming this., like an episode of friends, “the Jennifer Aniston salad she would have …

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Oil Free Hummus

June 29 2022

Hummus Recipe (No Oil!)

This no-oil hummus recipe is creamy, smooth and savoury! I made this recipe as easy as possible to make in 3 mins! Not only is this an oil-free hummus recipe, but also vegan, gluten-free and can be made salt-free (if you’d like but recommend salt to bring out the flavours)! Recipe for No-Oil Hummus If …

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Vegan Spam Musubi recipe

June 7 2022

Vegan Spam Musubi Recipe

This vegan musubi, also known as vegan spam musubi, mimics spam musubi which is a Hawaiian dish that traditionally isn’t vegan. I’ll show you how to make vegan spam and then how to make vegan musubi with it! Recipe for Vegan Spam Musubi To make vegan spam musubi, all you need is a block of …

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Vegan Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese Recipe

June 1 2022

Vegan Buffalo Chicken Mac and Cheese

This recipe for a vegan buffalo chicken mac and cheese will show you in 25 mins how to make vegan buffalo chicken and vegan buffalo cheese sauce to go with your macaroni. All you have to do is combine your vegan buffalo cheese sauce with your macaroni pasta and your vegan buffalo chicken to make …

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