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About Me

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Hellooooo ya’ll,
My name is “Haein” but you can call me Rose, (like the beautiful flower). A little background information about me is that I was born in South Korea but was raised in the great country of Canada.

I started off awkwardly posting my first “Cheap Lazy Vegan” video on YouTube in May 2015 while I was living in London, UK with the intention of just sharing my own thoughts & beliefs about veganism; as well as, showing some easy vegan meal ideas. By loving what I do and having a strong belief I have set out to show the world that vegan food can be cheap, lazy and delicious!

I would like to leave my mark on this floating rock that we call Earth by showing the world and humanity that being a vegan is not difficult, and that it’s just a simple change in mindset and lifestyle. It is in my greatest hopes that you find my content educational, inspirational, funny & witty, but most importantly a community where we come together where we live in peace and harmony.

Much Love,
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How to Meal Prep! Buddha Bowl Edition.

Watch video above to see how I did this meal prep and scroll down for the recipe! When I used to work at an office, meal prepping was a regular routine of mine. Since I didn’t (and still don’t) like to spend too much time in the kitchen preparing food all the time, I needed …

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BEST Creamy Udon Recipe (HEALTHY TOO!)

Watch my MUKBANG (eating show) video above! Scroll down for the delicious recipe. When I first started looking into a vegan diet, I discovered that there was so much one could do with food! I never realized how much versatility I would see in a diet that most people think is so restrictive.  Becoming vegan …

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Healthy Ten Minute Vegan Recipes

Watch the video above to get the EASY vegan meals! Happy New Year, people! I know you hear this all the time but WHERE IS THE TIME GOING?! It’s insane how fast time goes by, you feel me? Honestly don’t even know where 2018 went!  It is crazy though when I think about some of …

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I tried making the Best Ever Vegan Cinnamon Rolls by Tasty

I don’t make desserts very often, but this has to be one of my favourite desserts to make… cinnamon rolls!  When I first started playing around with a plant-based diet and I gave up eating dairy and eggs, I started to look into vegan options for pastries. Especially since most restaurants don’t have vegan-friendly desserts, …

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Vegan Christmas Recipes (Main & Dessert)

I don’t make lentil or nut roasts very often but usually just once or twice a year. It almost always happens during the holiday season because it’s just the perfect festive vegan main dish. Not only is it healthy and delicious but it can also be super affordable, filling and high in protein. Lentil and …

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What I Ate in a Week at MY VEGAN CAFE (SaVeg Cafe!)

Check out my full video to see what I ate at my vegan cafe (SaVeg Cafe) for a week! If you did not know, I actually co-own a vegan cafe in my hometown Calgary, Alberta, Canada. The cafe is located in downtown and it is called SaVeg Cafe (pronounced like “savage”). It’s a pretty long story …

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