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Hellooooo ya’ll,
My name is “Haein” but you can call me Rose, (like the beautiful flower). A little background information about me is that I was born in South Korea but was raised in the great country of Canada.

I started off awkwardly posting my first “Cheap Lazy Vegan” video on YouTube in May 2015 while I was living in London, UK with the intention of just sharing my own thoughts & beliefs about veganism; as well as, showing some easy vegan meal ideas. By loving what I do and having a strong belief I have set out to show the world that vegan food can be cheap, lazy and delicious!

I would like to leave my mark on this floating rock that we call Earth by showing the world and humanity that being a vegan is not difficult, and that it’s just a simple change in mindset and lifestyle. It is in my greatest hopes that you find my content educational, inspirational, funny & witty, but most importantly a community where we come together where we live in peace and harmony.

Much Love,
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Garlic Teriyaki Lentils

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