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Hellooooo ya’ll,
My name is “Haein” but you can call me Rose, (like the beautiful flower). A little background information about me is that I was born in South Korea but was raised in the great country of Canada.

I started off awkwardly posting my first “Cheap Lazy Vegan” video on YouTube in May 2015 while I was living in London, UK with the intention of just sharing my own thoughts & beliefs about veganism; as well as, showing some easy vegan meal ideas. By loving what I do and having a strong belief I have set out to show the world that vegan food can be cheap, lazy and delicious!

I would like to leave my mark on this floating rock that we call Earth by showing the world and humanity that being a vegan is not difficult, and that it’s just a simple change in mindset and lifestyle. It is in my greatest hopes that you find my content educational, inspirational, funny & witty, but most importantly a community where we come together where we live in peace and harmony.

Much Love,
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Top 12 Tips on Going Vegan (How To Go Vegan)

1. Know your why (make the ethical connection). Think about what motivates you to become a vegan. Whether it is for your own health of for the environment. My personal reason is because of my love of animals and my belief that we shouldn’t mistreat animals. 2. Transition at your own pace. You don’t have …

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3 Ingredient Budget Friendly Vegan Recipes

I’m back you with another THREE INGREDIENT VEGAN RECIPES post. These are, of course, budget friendly as well. Yup, budget friendly, easy and ridiculously simple. Remember that these are just simply ideas and you can always feel free to add things into each recipe to make it your own and make it a bit more …

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Easy Go-To Vegan Recipes

One of my tips on going plant-based or vegan is to come up with a “short list” of easy, go to vegan meals that you know you love. When you have a list of about 5 or so meals that you can easily whip up, this will make your vegan journey so much easier. If …

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Vegan Meal Prep (Healthy, High Protein)

Here are some delicious and healthy vegan recipes that are well-balanced! After a few years following a vegan lifestyle, I’ve discovered that the best way for me to structure the majority of my meals is this: Type of grain, preferably whole Type of vegan protein such as beans, legumes, tofu, tempeh, protein powder or mock …

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How to Meal Prep! Buddha Bowl Edition.

Watch video above to see how I did this meal prep and scroll down for the recipe! When I used to work at an office, meal prepping was a regular routine of mine. Since I didn’t (and still don’t) like to spend too much time in the kitchen preparing food all the time, I needed …

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BEST Creamy Udon Recipe (HEALTHY TOO!)

Watch my MUKBANG (eating show) video above! Scroll down for the delicious recipe. When I first started looking into a vegan diet, I discovered that there was so much one could do with food! I never realized how much versatility I would see in a diet that most people think is so restrictive.  Becoming vegan …

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